Dating in japanese phrases

The common places to go for a first date are movie theater, amusement park, concert, or nice-view restaurants.

The original meanings of “Tsukiau” is “getting along with”.

This is a simple word and means “I want to see you”.

If you love someone who is far apart or does not have many occasions to meet with you, you should use this word.

You must set up good romantic situation to use this word.

In Japanese tradition, the engagement ring value is around three-month salary.

The Japanese names for the days of the week all end with yōbi.

Japanese commonly uses the 24-hour clock for all official listings, such as plane and train schedules.

(“Made” is not equal to the pronunciation of an English word “made”.This word is usually used when confessing a loving feeling towards someone and the person receives this word must reply if she/he accept it.Sometimes the reply would be “Kangaesasete kudasai” which means “Please let me think about it” but in most cases this word implies “No thank you”.In English, different prepositions are used at that time.For example, “at” for time, “on” for date and day of the week, “in” for month and year. “Kara” means the starting point of a time period, and “made” means the end point.

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